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Hot Chocolate

This is a no sugar added version of hot chocolate.  I think you could also enjoy it as pudding.  It’s thick! Makes about 2 c. In a high powered blender combine: 1 c. mashed sweet potatoes1 c. unsweetened coconut milk (found with almond & soy milks in dairy case)2 T cocoa powder1 t vanilla4 dates, […]

Snow Solutions

berries long

It’s truly the season of winter! The cold has settled in and the snow, ice and wind have become a part of life for a couple of months. It is a season of fun for the kids. Snow days spent outside sledding and building snowmen and forts, add a change of tempo to the usual […]

The Cobbler’s Children


There is an old adage that says, ‘The Cobbler’s children have no shoes.” I often get asked a question along those lines that goes something like this, ‘So is YOUR home a sanctuary of order or is it like the cobbler’s children?’ Here is my response. It is not like the cobbler’s children nor is […]