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When I started writing this I had gone over a month without a post!  I hope you will forgive me and forgive my lack of photos with my recipes.  I realized that I was worrying about getting my blog just right, about posting my recipes and messages as soon as possible and about devoting enough time to this project.  So, I took a little break.  I am still plant-based and we are going strong on the food.   I hope these posts continue to inspire you to be adventuresome and take a leap of faith for your health.

kids campingWe are approaching our second family camping trip as a plant-based family.  I was worried the first time.  It wasn’t long into this trial that we set out for the great outdoors and I worried that we would have enough to eat and that the kids would enjoy it. But being plant based is not difficult.  Transporting plant based food is a bit easier that it’s dairy and meat counterpart.  Our kids are truly embracing plant-based at this point and aside from the occasional rumbling, ‘I want meat,’ don’t ask for or miss it.

Here are a few of our recipes that camp well:


Rip’s Big Bowl – I usually increase this 8x over to feed our family for a couple of days.


Fresh Fruit – apples, oranges, bananas or easy to take along.  Berries, although tasty are easily mushed!

Trail Mix (can I just say, ‘duh’) the original plant-based camping recipe 🙂
I usually throw together a mix of cranberries, raisins, cut up apricots with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pecans and peanuts.  You could really use any dried fruit, seeds and nuts in your cupboard.  I avoid very small seeds because they just get messy when trying to eat a handful!

Muffins – make ahead and you have a ready to go snack.

Peanut butter balls (or Energy Balls)

Chocolate balls


Bread or Pita with
  • Peanut butter and jelly or honey
  • hummus, lettuce, veggies
  • nut butter, banana slices, apple slices


Hotdogs, Buns & Beans – you can easily make this plant-based by switching to tofu dogs and whole wheat buns.  Opt for organic ketchup to avoid high fructose corn syrup.  Don’t forget the mustard.  You can make your own or buy vegetarian baked beans.  Add a side of cut up carrots.
Hamburgers, Buns, Potato Salad – I always make my own bean burgers but you can buy them, too.  Whole wheat bun and and easy potato salad like this one (link to spring potato salad).  Don’t forgot some cut up veggies – asparagus, broccoli, etc make great sides.
Chili – you can make it ahead and heat while camping.  I often wing it when it comes to chili but this recipe is VERY good if you are looking for guidance.
Spaghetti – always an easy to make transport camp dinner especially if you use jarred sauce.
Don’t forget some extra food containers to save left overs if there are any.  I like the lock tight containers or canning jars to camp with.  Both seal well for fewer leaks.
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