10 Acts of Organization Month 8: Kid Clutter

Our latest 10 Acts of Organization Contest Winner is Sara from Havre de Grace. Sara won two hours of organizing, working with professionals, Karin Walker and Mary Ratzensberger.

Sara is a stay at home mom with four kids, ages 9, 7, 5 & 2. Wow! She really enjoys having an organized house but as any mom knows, it is very challenging to keep a neat and organized home with kids, not to mention 4 of them under the age of 10! We were very impressed with Sara. She had great ideas and had several organized systems in place already.

Closet Before

Closet Before

Sara’s closet was a challenge for her. With limited closet space in the house, Sara uses a walk-in closet located on the 1st floor adjacent to the family room. This closet   is used to house a variety of things including her clothing, memorabilia, costumes, and art supplies for the kids (such as paint, markers, pencils, paper and crafts.) She also stores extra toys in there to keep the family room from getting too cluttered. The problem Sara was facing was that the kids go into the closet all the time to get toys and crafts and the closet continuously gets messy making it difficult to get in there.

Cabinet 1 Before

Armoire Before

Before tackling the closet, Karin and Mary wanted to create more space in the family room to store some of the kid’s items that were cluttering up Sara’s closet. This made more sense since the kids do their crafts and play with their toys in that room. They organized an armoire in the family room that held toys and games but the space wasn’t being utilized as best as it could be. The goal was to get frequently used items that belonged to the kids, out of Sara’s closet and into this space, which was in a more accessible location. After that project was done, Karin and Mary were able to organize Sara’s closet so that clothes, shoes and other items were easily accessible. They paired down some of the clothes that Sara no longer wanted. They also created a space for her to temporarily house things that she no longer needed but wanted to save to consign at a later date.

At one point during the appointment Sara said, even if we didn’t organize anything today, you gave me some great ideas that I can apply myself to change things for the better.

Closet After

Closet After

At the end of the appointment we asked Sara if she had any expectations of what she thought the appointment would be like. She said that she thought we would be tougher on making her get rid of some the sentimental items she was not ready to let go. She was relieved because that was not the case. She was happy with the appointment and felt that the changes we made and the tips we gave were beneficial and will definitely help her in the future.

Armoire After

Armoire After

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