Hot Chocolate for a Snowy Day

Hot Chocolate

You can’t have a snow day without hot chocolate! I took the wee ones for a snowy winter walk this morning and then it was time to warm up with a cup of cocoa. Even though we had just gone for a lovely walk I didn’t want to fill them up on sugar to watch them have a high and crash. Here is my mucho healthier version of hot chocolate that I adapted from an earlier version. It is super easy to make if you have a Vitamix or other powerful blender. But an immersion blender would work equally well, even a food processor.


1 small sweet potato (about 1-1.5 c)
3 T of cocoa
1 T of vanilla
2 c. of non-dairy milk (I prefer coconut or almond or even a mix!), more to taste or desired thickness
a dash of salt
2-4 dates (optional depending on preference for sweetness)

hot cocoa


1. Wash the sweet potato, prick the potato with a fork and place on a plate in the microwave. Cook using your ‘potato’ setting or about 5 minutes, until soft.

2. If you are using a high powered blender, combine all ingredients and blend well. If you are using an immersion blender you may also combine all ingredients (I recommend doing this on a pot to heat it up easily) and blend. Otherwise, mash or food process the potatoes and dates (if using) and then combine with the remaining ingredients.

3. Heat and serve. You may poor into individual cups and microwave to the desired temp or place in a pot on the stove. No need to bring to a boil.


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