A Place for YOU!

a place for you

Make a Place for You

Making a place for you is a way of getting yourself into the spirit of a streamlined home. Start with a place that you WANT to be. It can be any room, part of a room. A corner. Your living room, bedroom, bathroom, but it has to be a place that you relax. It needs to be a place that you go to to sit, read, pray, visit with friends.  A place you like to be. Now this is going to be YOUR space. Make it the way you like it. Put away any clutter, clear out things that don’t belong. Papers, books, clothing, toys, anything that doesn’t go there. Straighten, rearrange, dust, vacuum, spot clean the carpet.  Consider having only a few select items in this place.  For ideas on living with less check out this blog, Miss Minimalist.

Pick Your Place

If it’s the bathroom you like, if bathing relaxes you, clean all surfaces til they shine, put away tub toys, get some pretty soap and a few new towels. Tell the kids “hands off” the new stuff and place liquid soap and a “kids towel” for them. Put all toothbrushes, cups, etc. out of sight.
Candles can be placed in any room in the house where you like to relax.

Stake Your Claim!

Now this space is “your nest”. It’s OK for you to have this for yourself! It’s OK to ask that the kids clear out the toys after they have played with them in “your parlor”. It’s OK to ask your husband to put the papers he is working on somewhere else, or offer to find a file folder for him. It’s OK to tell the family that “Your Bathroom” must be picked up and kept after. This space is where you go to enjoy order and to relax.
The next suggestion is: use it!! You need to take the time to enjoy this place and your free time. Go there and spend time with your husband and share your day. Take a youngster there to read a book. Notice how nice it is that you don’t have to look at clutter and converging chaos. This is going to be your stronghold. No matter what else you are dealing with in the house, this place remains clutter free. No clothing, folded or unfolded may grace the chairs. No paperwork, schoolwork, sewing, etc. is left there.

Build On Your Foundation

This is a great place to start a habit. Get used to the way order feels and how to maintain it. Help the family start some good habits by being firm about this space.

By claiming a place for order and rest, you will be able to find the person that you thought you had lost in the clutter!

— Jennifer Merkel

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