10 Years of Organizing Stories: Month 2


Residential Organizing – A Young Family

Every month from February – November 2014 we will share 1 story from a past Sappari Solutions client.  Follow us monthly for these organizing stories.

Why did you call Sappari Solutions?

I called Sappari Solutions because I particularly wanted to work with someone who is local to Harford County. When I first started working with Sappari Solutions, I had suffered a miscarriage two years prior and could not bring myself to part with baby items. Our attic was full and my husband wanted to get rid of things.

I have now been working with Sappari Solutions for about four years and have worked with several different organizers. At one point, I was working with an organizer who was not a good fit for me. Nettie had no problem in switching me to someone else. She is good at matching up her organizers with her client’s needs.

I have three children, who attend three different schools. Each child is involved in many activities. I don’t have the time to keep my house organized. I prefer to have the organizers do it for me so I can spend my time being with my children, getting them where they need to go and on my volunteer activities. If I am doing some of the organizing, I enjoy having someone to do it with. It makes it more fun.

Child in the sunsetWhat was accomplished?

We had been overwhelmed with stuff. Since working with Sappari, I have been able to pare down our possessions. The Sappari Organizers keep things from getting out of control. Even if things get messy, there is an underlying structure of organization. They come in and put things away and take away items I want to donate.

We have an enormous amount of craft supplies that are now separated into labeled containers. My pantry has an organizing system of labeled baskets so my family can find what they need. Our basement has flooded three times. The Organizers came in and helped me get everything put back in an organized way.

I think Sappari Organizers have worked in almost every room in my house. They hung pictures for me that had been sitting waiting for years. They wrapped gifts at the holidays, organized favors for a birthday party and crafts for Girls Scouts. They have helped me with filing, paperwork and even with my computer.

How are things different now than before you hired Sappari Solutions?

  • I now have a specific place for things to go.
  • I think about where I will put things before they begin to pile up.I feel more in control.
  • I’m not as embarrassed about my house as I used to be.
  •  I have a better idea of the things we have so I’m less apt to purchase duplicates.

–Julie, Maryland

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