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Hi, I’m Nettie Owens ​

I am an entrepreneur, wife, mother of three and expert at growing a business without feeling overwhelmed.

I believe we all owe it to ourselves, and those we love, to show up fully in our lives with the energy necessary to live our missions.

I use my expertise to help business owners and entrepreneurs reconnect to their vision, take action and scale with ease so that they can sleep soundly at night.

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"Despite owning a $3M business, I felt stuck, overwhelmed, and unfocused. There was a constant struggle between showing up for my business, my family, and myself. Nettie gave me the practical tools to reclaim my business and life, and the accountability I needed to succeed."

Sherene Gupta Rappaport

Business Owner, Mother, Wife, Daughter

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“Disarmingly insightful and focused. Working with Nettie, I maintained 100% ownership of my ideas and the plan. She made me see things I couldn’t see. The plan we created was incredibly actionable. I didn’t think she could help me. After being in business this long, I thought she wasn’t going to tell me something that I didn’t already know. Instead, I was able to immediately take action with clarity and confidence.”

Bob Graham

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“Working with Nettie was the first time that someone looked at ME and the potential in my business (even after being in multiple other coaching programs). She helped me create the steps that were actionable. I completed tasks I had been putting off for 10 years. I was missing in my business and now I have a business that reflects me.”

Amy Lindner-Lesser

The Rookwood Inn

Can I help you find

focus, ease, and joy?

Let's talk and find out.

Can I help you find

focus, ease, and joy?

Let's talk and find out.

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