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Recommended Provider Interview: Widow Confidential

Widow Confidential

What do you do? I am the founder and President of Widow Confidential. At Widow Confidential, we are working to create an online and physical community which provides widows, fiancé’s, girlfriends, and domestic partners who have lost their romantic partner, with a dedicated and confidential support community focused on providing an opportunity for our members […]

Sappari Solutions Helping Araminta STOP Human Trafficking

Chains of freedom

On Tuesday, March 21, Sappari Solutions is hosting a charity event at Fazzini’s Taverna in Cockeysville, MD, in support of the Araminta Freedom Initiative. We are teaming up with Araminta to help end the sex trafficking of children here in the Baltimore area.  ARAMINTA STORY “Araminta was Harriet Tubman’s given name as a child slave […]

Recommended Provider Interview: Sensei Victoria Whitfield

Sensei Victoria Whitfield

What do you do? My business provides deep spiritual support, training and retreat experiences on holistic stress management, energywork and natural intuition mastery to serious spiritual seekers, creative and driven entrepreneurs, and heart-centered organizations so they can feel and be truly grounded as they step fully and abundantly into their divine life purpose. This is my legacy and […]

Building Traditions

baking christmas cookies

December is a time of refocusing, implementing & building new traditions, overall just a time to slow down for my family.  No matter what traditions and values you grew up with, you can build your own traditions to create meaning in December and throughout the year. Traditions are the anchors that tie the experience of […]