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berries square It’s truly the season of winter! The cold has settled in and the snow, ice and wind have become a part of life for a couple of months.
It is a season of fun for the kids. Snow days spent outside sledding and building snowmen and forts, add a change of tempo to the usual routine. With the cold and snow, however, come some specific organizational challenges, as boots, coats, snow pants, hats, gloves and scarves seem to adorn every surface as the family comes in from the cold.
There are ways to minimize the impact of these large, bulky items and streamline the process of getting everyone into them again when they want to go back out.

  • For the footwear, keep thick towels at the door, to collect the snow, and have everyone take their boots off as they come in. Towels go into the wash easier than rugs. Move the boots to a convenient box or bin while they are not actually needed, and keep it handy in the coat closet. When the need arises, bring the box to the door.
  • Keep gloves mated with each other by balling the thinner ones, like socks, and clipping together the heavier ones. These can go into their own tub, along with the hats, scarves, ear protection, etc. You will always have them right where you need them and won’t have to search. When the family comes in with wet gloves and hats, just throw them into the dryer for a bit and return them to the box as soon as they come out.
  • Hang wet coats and snow pants in the shower to drip dry, if they are just wet and not dirty, and then the pants can be folded on a hanger under the appropriate coat. The less you have to wash and dry them the better they will hold up.
  • When winter wears off and the chance of snow passes, all of these items can be placed in a large, clear tub together for storage. Next winter you won’t have to look for them. This is also a good time to look at the kids snow gear and see who will need new gear next year. Anything too small or worn out can be donated.
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