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Be Small

Shop Small

Today and Monday, are days that I normally go ALL OUT to promote my business and share fabulous organizing deals with my clients, friends and those looking to be more organized.  But this year, I am not going to do that. I am still Thankful for you! It is not that I do not love […]

Organized Living


What is Organized Living? Often when I share with individuals that I am a professional organizer and provide organization for a living the response is, ‘Oh, I could use THAT!’ or ‘My goodness, my mother needs you!’ When I share that I work with the chronically disorganized population as well the next statement is a […]

How to Dry Oregano


Dried fresh oregano is yummy and tasty! Oregano and other fresh herbs are easy to grow and are a tasty addition to freshly cooked meals! Oregano is an herb with a warm, balsamic and aromatic flavor making it the perfect for Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines. This popular herb’s name means “mountain joy”. Easy to dry! When herbs […]