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Shop SmallToday and Monday, are days that I normally go ALL OUT to promote my business and share fabulous organizing deals with my clients, friends and those looking to be more organized.  But this year, I am not going to do that.

I am still Thankful for you!

It is not that I do not love and appreciate you or the choice you have made to allow Sappari Solutions to help you with your organizing needs.  Actually, the opposite is true, I am SO appreciative of you that I have chosen not to jump onto the craze of consumerism that now marks Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Black Friday is not a HOLIDAY!

My nine-year old niece recently asked if Black Friday was a holiday.  Whoa!  How strange?!  Do you recall your childhood self at age nine?  Did you even KNOW the words ‘Black Friday’ then?  I didn’t and they aren’t words that I want my children to associate with Thanksgiving or Christmas.  They will, I am sure, but I hope it can wait until a bit later.

Today, on Small Business Saturday, I am asking you to Be Small.

Absolutely, if you are planning to shop today and it makes sense for you to prepare for the holidays and celebrations ahead, PLEASE SHOP SMALL.  Consider the locally owned and operated businesses in your nieghborhood that will appreciate your business.  A more substantial part of your money will stay in your community if you choose to buy from small, locally owned businesses.  Plus, these businesses often give a lot back through volunteerism and connections with community based non-profits.

If simplifying to this level seems out of reach for you, give me a call.

At Sappari, the point is not to organize the clutter but to provide the framework to live a more simple lifestyle that allows more room for LIVING.  We help you create space through focusing on who you are, what you love and the strengths that you bring to the table.   If this is the answer you were looking for then lets get started today by scheduling an appointment to simplify your holidays.

Simplify Your Holidays

An Initial Consultation with Sappari Solutions is a three hour appointment that provides you first with 1 hour of consultation and needs assessment around your project, your strengths, your needs and your challenges.  We set goals and identify how we can make simple changes that will allow for the biggest impact. For the next 2 hours we work to begin putting these changes into place.  The cost of this service is $355 for each individual piece priced separately BUT because we are so determined to see you succeed we have bundled these today and offer them to you for only $150,  a savings of 67%!

It’s All Too Much!

Its All Too Much FlyerJoin us on January 18 from 9am-4pm for the workshop, “It’s All Too Much!”  Are you suffering from ‘too much’?  You have the cure, we will help you discover it.   In this one day workshop you will develop your own treatment plan to inoculate against stress, excess weight and clutter.

Find out more and register here.

Early Bird Registration of only $75 ends soon!

Whole House Overhaul

If you are ready to make a big change, let us help.  Our ‘Whole House Overhaul’ package provides you with the Initial Consultation Package (3 hour appointment) that was described above plus 20 hours of organizing with two organizing professionals (valued at $2800) for only $1999.  That is a savings of $1156!!!

You can make the changes you seek your life to live more simply and purposefully, be less stressed, be more productive and have what you need when you need it.

 You have the choice this holiday season to focus on the gifts the season brings.  The next 30 days need not be a rush of crazy, stressful consumerism.  Please share your thoughts here on how you are ‘Being Small’ today and how you plan to simplify your holidays.

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