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Safe Plastics

There is always something, isn’t there? So now the big concern is BPA in plastics. Mostly this affects hard plastics like polypropalene (Nalgene bottles) and seems to be the most problematic when the plastics are heated (microwave or hot water in dishwasher). However, lots of kid food containers are plastic for their obvious non-breakable properties. […]

New Stuff

I found a website where you can go to look up recycling locations for all sorts of stuff Finally I can figure out where to recycle #5 plastics! Also, yet another great green website I found that I can get local free range eggs for $.50 a carton cheaper at a farm stand […]

Looking into Solar Powered Energy Interesting link. Seems like these panels would be easy to install and the rebates from federal and state (total $4000 plus $3000 grant money) would be helpful in purchasing but the website says it will save you $80 a YEAR in energy costs? Wow, that is not very much… I’ll have to do more […]