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Organized Living


What is Organized Living? Often when I share with individuals that I am a professional organizer and provide organization for a living the response is, ‘Oh, I could use THAT!’ or ‘My goodness, my mother needs you!’ When I share that I work with the chronically disorganized population as well the next statement is a […]

We can help you!


Do you have a nagging project that you would like to complete? For only $175 you will receive an on-site, in-person organizing consult lasting 1 hour and with it a complimentary 2 hours of hands-on organizing time are included. go from cluttered… …to Organized!   $175 Initial Consultation Consultation plus 2 hour free organizing session […]


American Flag

Celebrating Independence Tomorrow is Independence Day! It’s the day that we celebrate our independence, as a country, from an oppressive government that was making it impossible for the people in America to determine the course of their lives and futures. Those people chose not to live under the dictates of a king that imposed unfair policies. Living […]



Mother’s Day is nearly here. Moms play a big role on our lives and shaping who we are. How much has your mother influenced how you keep your home? Do you save things just like she did? Do you leave things a mess because she made you clean your room all the time?  Do you […]