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Do you have a nagging project that you would like to complete?

For only $175 you will receive an on-site, in-person organizing consult lasting 1 hour and with it a complimentary 2 hours of hands-on organizing time are included.

go from cluttered… …to Organized!
 Bedroom Before
  • $175 Initial Consultation
  • Consultation plus 2 hour free organizing session
  • Removal of unwanted items at no additional cost
Bedroom After

What You Get:

  • Support in person to tackle what is holding you back
  • Peace of mind knowing your items will be handled with care
  • Unwanted items will be distributed as you desire
  • Techniques to learn how to live with less
  • Help in determining what is causing you to hold on to stuff
  • Systems to manage what you own
  • Strategies for scheduling your time and maintaining your systems

Not Sure?

Click the ‘buy now’ link below, we will contact you to set your Initial Consultation time within 24 hours.


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