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Tomorrow is Independence Day! It’s the day that we celebrate our independence, as a country, from an oppressive government that was making it impossible for the people in America to determine the course of their lives and futures. Those people chose not to live under the dictates of a king that imposed unfair policies.

Living Independence

We still have things in our lives that make it difficult for us to live them the way we want. We find ourselves feeling as if we are unable to determine our own way forward due to habits, anxieties, addictions or impositions that come from others. In many ways we can be dependent on things that seem oppressive and tyrannical.

Breaking Free

Breaking free from these things is not easy, but the freedom that comes from throwing off those burdens.  The results can be truly life-changing.
Look around you.

  • Are you feeling burdened by things that seem to own you, as opposed to the other way around?
  • Are you seeking independence from habits and unhealthy baggage that is keeping you from reaching your goals?

It’s time to start taking back your life, so that you can have the freedom to determine your direction, and start living the way you WANT to live.

  1. Identify your oppressor – what is holding you back?  Is it stuff, unhealthy habits, unresolved issues, lack of direction?
  2. Root it out – take steps every day to loosen the hold.  Purge the stuff 5 items at a time, create new habits to push out the old, journal and communicate with others around the issues you are holding on to, spend time thinking about your priorities.
  3. Simplify your life – Strip your life down to the basics and build back from there.  When you remove the distractions and noise you can find what is truly important.
  4. Celebrate your FREEDOM!

— Jennifer Merkel

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