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There is always something, isn’t there? So now the big concern is BPA in plastics. Mostly this affects hard plastics like polypropalene (Nalgene bottles) and seems to be the most problematic when the plastics are heated (microwave or hot water in dishwasher). However, lots of kid food containers are plastic for their obvious non-breakable properties. What is wrong with BPA? Some sites say nothing, “The use of polycarbonate plastic for food contact applications continues to be recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the European Commission Scientific Committee on Food, the United Kingdom Food Standards Agency, the Japan Ministry for Health and Welfare and other regulatory authorities worldwide.”( Other sites say link exposure to BPA to estrogen like properties in girls and boys.

I am not sure but there seems to be enough research to warrant limiting exposure. I am going to try to remove #3,6,7 plastics from our home, stop washing our nalgene bottles in the dishwasher and switch Josh & Mira to BPA free cups. Joshua is mostly switched as it is and I have already ordered a new bottle for Mira (she pretty much only uses one anyway).

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