Hi, I’m Nettie Owens ​

I am an entrepreneur, wife, mother of three and expert at growing a business without feeling overwhelmed.

I believe we all owe it to ourselves, and those we love, to show up fully in our lives with the energy necessary to live our missions.

I use my expertise to help business owners and entrepreneurs reconnect to their vision, take action andscale with ease so that they can sleep soundly at night.

Is it possible to have a thriving business while raising children? How do you do all that needs to be done every day while still keeping an eye on the BIG goals you have while staying sane?

The short answer is Yes.

I know, because I ran a successful professional organizing business while homeschooling three children — all while my husband was working full time and commuting to earn his Phd.

As other parent entrepreneurs asked me how I did it with such ease, I realized it was time to share the process I’d spent years perfecting.

It’s a process that requires accountability and a system to address both the urgent (the daily stuff that has to get done) and the important (the big stuff that continues to get put off).

That’s where I come in: I use my expertise to help parent business owners & entrepreneurs reconnect to their vision, take action & scale with ease so that they can sleep soundly at night.

My mission: I believe we all owe it to ourselves, and those we love, to show up fully in our lives with the energy necessary to live our missions. Therefore, it is my mission to help others pave the path to their ultimate potential with programs that help them with focus, clarity, productivity and accountability.

The story of Nettie Owens CPO-CD

I am the founder of the the Momentum Accountability Program, President of The Sappari Group, and an internationally recognized and award-winning expert and speaker in the field of accountability and productivity.

I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Entrepreneurship and Management. That combination has helped me create brain-based methodologies that are well-researched and backed by science.

I began my career in the mental health sector and helped those with special needs get a better grip on their personal organization to enhance their quality of life. I have worked in a variety of positions for companies large and small, all of which helped me hone the skills in management, project management, customer service, training, and office administration that help my clients get spectacular results.

Through owning a nationally recognized organizing business, I learned the skills to balance the needs of my family and my business.

Through training, speaking, coaching, blogging, and over 50 video interviews on “What Businesses Need To Know Right Now”, I share my 15+ years worth of experience to my communities and beyond.

These days when I’m not teaching my mission, I am living it with my family: my husband, three children and a dog who challenge, inspire and teach me every day. I love creating a peaceful, beautiful environment that supports my family’s goals of having fun, learning, exploring their world and helping others.

Professional Associations:


Speaking Topics:

Productivity, accountability, leadership, parenting, as well as creating the perfect remote work space, productive work from home, and how to help teams work remotely and productively.

I can also customize a presentation or workshop for organizations.


I have been featured on TLC, ABC, CNN, eHow FOX, YAHOO, World Economic Forum and such publications as Parents, Entrepreneur, Tatler Hong Kong, and the Pittsburgh Gazette.

Community Service:

I believe in giving back. I have volunteered with such nonprofits as the Araminta Freedom Initiative, Affiliated Sante Group, SARC, Harford Family House, The Arc, Harford County Public Library and the Chesapeake Professional Women’s Network.

I am a proud ICD® subscriber, Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization, and Specialist Certificate holder. Each specialist certificate requires at least 18 hours of specialized classes, plus reading and studying related to organizing issues as they relate to clients, and passing an exam. CPO-CD requires 20 months of 200+ hours of intensive study, peer review, and continuing education.

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