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When to Apply Labels

Containers with Labels

In the world of organizing, we organizers LOVE to label.  Labels add clarity, reduce confusion and help others support the system you are creating.  But labeling should only apply to things. When we begin to label ourselves and others we often find the result to be harsh and limiting.  The language that you use to […]

Where To Start

Neat Kitchen

“I don’t know where to start, can you help with that?”  asks Annie as we talk on the phone about her upcoming organizing appointment.   “Absolutely.  It’s what we do.”  I respond.   Getting organized is not just about buying cute bins at Target® to hold all the little shoes that are cluttering the foyer. So […]

10 Years of Organizing

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10 years ago, in February 2004, I made a decision to serve others through Sappari Solutions.  I had this idea that helping others find order in their lives would allow them the space to fully live.  It didn’t hurt that I tended to make spreadsheets and organize my own ‘stuff’.  These past 10 years have […]

Goals Are for Professionals

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If you aren’t in business don’t bother writing goals. When I type the search term, “time management” I come up with results for professionals and for students.  The same is true for “goal setting” and when I get to “productivity” I am squarely in the realm of professionals.  But what about everyone else?  What about […]


American Flag

Celebrating Independence Tomorrow is Independence Day! It’s the day that we celebrate our independence, as a country, from an oppressive government that was making it impossible for the people in America to determine the course of their lives and futures. Those people chose not to live under the dictates of a king that imposed unfair policies. Living […]

What’s Stopping You?

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Question: If there was one thing that you could do to change your life for the better, what would it be? You may be one of those people that has the world by the tail, has it all together, and wouldn’t change a thing, but for most of us, there is something that we are […]