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Take Stress Out For a Walk


Thank you to Heather Waring with www.womenwalkingwomentalking.com for agreeing to be this month’s featured blogger! Enjoy!   When my head is full, when life is getting on top of me, when I feel as if the pressure cooker is going to explode,  I take myself for a walk. Walking in open space and in the fresh […]

Recommended Provider Interview: Sensei Victoria Whitfield

Sensei Victoria Whitfield

What do you do? My business provides deep spiritual support, training and retreat experiences on holistic stress management, energywork and natural intuition mastery to serious spiritual seekers, creative and driven entrepreneurs, and heart-centered organizations so they can feel and be truly grounded as they step fully and abundantly into their divine life purpose. This is my legacy and […]

Recommended Provider Interview: Stacey Andon

Stacey Andon

Stacey Andon, what do you do? I’m a life coach, speaker and trainer. My specialty is helping people fall in love with themselves and their lives as a gateway to living an authentic, passionate life. How did you get into this profession? I’ve been a lifelong learner, teacher and listener all my life. I started my professional career […]