Recommended Provider Interview: Stacey Andon

StaceyStacey Andon, what do you do?

I’m a life coach, speaker and trainer. My specialty is helping people fall in love with themselves and their lives as a gateway to living an authentic, passionate life.

How did you get into this profession?

I’ve been a lifelong learner, teacher and listener all my life. I started my professional career in education as a middle school English teacher and I later transitioned to corporate training and organizational development. However, I had always been drawn to helping others find their truths and live their best lives – and that’s what brought me to life coaching. The best part is that I can blend all of my experiences and tools to customize my approach for each client.

How does being organized help you in your work?

I love the feeling that being organized gives me. When I find myself getting a little messy, it’s an opportunity to stop and reflect. What may be going on in my life somewhere that feels a little messy and needs my attention? I believe our external world reflects our internal one—and so being organized feeds my awareness of what’s going on with me.

What do you do to help your clients take control of their life?

Sometimes the best news and the scariest news is that we always have a choice in our lives. It doesn’t always feel easy or comfortable to live this way, especially if we feel like we are living out of control (or living someone else’s vision of our lives). In my workshops and with individual clients, I offer tools that examine what is working in our lives and what may need to change in order to invite in more happiness.

As a coach, I don’t know the answers for my clients—like “what to do next? or should I quit my job?” I help a client uncover that inner wisdom inside him or herself—the voice that is deep within us that always knows the next best step to our best lives. And, I offer them a safe place to explore and feel everything that they may be experiencing.

Sappari Solutions is founded on 7 Core Values, which one speaks to you?

Compassion. Why? So many of us beat ourselves up with the way we speak to ourselves. I believe that self-love and compassion are the threads to living a wholehearted life. It starts with giving compassion and love to ourselves first and it naturally then spreads outward to all of those we touch in this great big world.

How should people contact you?

Office: 443-987- 6058




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