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Take Stress Out For a Walk


Thank you to Heather Waring with www.womenwalkingwomentalking.com for agreeing to be this month’s featured blogger! Enjoy!   When my head is full, when life is getting on top of me, when I feel as if the pressure cooker is going to explode,  I take myself for a walk. Walking in open space and in the fresh […]

When to Apply Labels

Containers with Labels

In the world of organizing, we organizers LOVE to label.  Labels add clarity, reduce confusion and help others support the system you are creating.  But labeling should only apply to things. When we begin to label ourselves and others we often find the result to be harsh and limiting.  The language that you use to […]

What Do Organizers Do?

Professional Organizers

  Professional Organizing What is it and how can you benefit from it?   As the owner of Sappari Solutions, I have been in this business for over 10 years. As our business has grown, it has been so rewarding to see first hand how organizing services can free people from clutter and truly help […]