10 Acts of Organization Month 9: Time Management for the Doctor


Dr. Herold gets his time management adjusted

Our 10th winner of the 10 Acts of Organization contest is Dr. Rochelin Herold of The Maryland Spine Institute. He won 2 hours of professional organizing with Jane Hall. He is a husband and father to a 2-year-old. He sees many patients each day. Dr Herold has a large, spacious office. Everything is clean, neat and organized with no physical clutter. The practice is modern and up-to-date. He is using iPads and computers to track patient records.dr_herold_300

If Dr. Herold doesn’t have any physical clutter, why would he need the help of a professional organizer? Time management! Dr. Herold is so busy, he works during his lunch break and on his day off. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. He would like go to the gym a few times a week and spend more time with his family.

When Dr. Herold entered the contest, he thought that if he won, he would use the time to get his basement organized. He didn’t realize professional organizers are productivity experts too.

Jane met with Dr. Herold. He walked her through his day and explained the process of moving patient records through the system. Jane helped him to identify where his time is being spent and to see what can be done differently to increase his productivity.  Just like we often don’t notice the physical clutter that surrounds us after awhile, we can also cease to be aware of where our time is actually being spent in our daily routines and habits.

What did Dr. Herold think of his organizing session? He was very pleased. “Wow, this has cleared up mental space for me”, he said. “Jane pinpointed things I knew I was doing but kept ignoring. She showed me that a task I kept putting off was causing me to waste a lot of time elsewhere. I’ve decided to make the time to complete that task within the next 30 days. She also suggested ways my staff can help me save time and keep me on track. In talking with Jane, I thought of some ways I can do things more efficiently. She even helped me see that I might actually save money by purchasing an expensive piece of equipment I’ve been thinking about getting. I’ve set some personal and professional goals and look forward to getting started right away.” Jane and Dr. Herold set another appointment to work on reducing email clutter and to find apps for his phone and iPad that will help him be more efficient and stay on task.

We helped Dr. Herold align his time and priorities, he can focus on aligning his clients’ spines and everyone is well adjusted 🙂


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