10 Acts of Organization: Month 5- Clutter-free Closet

Our clients reach out to us for many reasons. Some need help with space issues in their home or office. For others a family member can see that mom or grandma is overwhelmed and they call us for assistance. It is wonderful to be able to be a part of an industry that is about helping others.


Recently we were able to work with an organization that itself provides help and resources to countless people across our county every year, SARC of Harford County.


Sappari Solutions’ Nettie Owens has been doing community outreach projects since starting the company in 2004 and has made many connections, and friends. SARC Maryland CEO  Luisa said  “Sappari Solutions has been very involved in supporting the community. The organization has partnered with us to collect cell phones for Clear Your Clutter Day.  I met Nettie through networking groups.”


SARC of Harford County provides emergency shelter and resources to women in dangerous domestic situations, so that they can get themselves, and their children, out and away from abusive environments. They are so good at what they do and so well respected in the community, that they receive help from many people in the form of supplies like sheets, pillows, blankets, baby items and other necessities. These things are invaluable and thankfully there is an abundance. That abundance was being stored in a very large supply closet and the people that have to access it regularly are very busy people with limited time to attend to its organization. One of the people who works there said:


“The current space is not large enough to meet our needs and we are seeking a new space. In the mean time, having Sappari Solutions share strategies on how to organize and maximize the space we do have is critical to to creating a calming environment for staff and clients. We are now better able to quickly access a needed item, giving staff more time to assist survivors.”


Sappari Solutions was eager to help, and we were actually quite happy with the amount of space that we had to work with. The closet is very roomy, and although the storage system, at this time, is a hodge podge of shelves and dressers, there was space for everything. It just needed to be streamlined and items needed to be sorted and placed into a logical system.


We set to work reorganizing the contents of each shelf and drawer. Some of the drawers were filled and others were almost empty. There were mixed contents, and it wasn’t easy to identify where things belonged, making retrieving and putting away items a challenge.


We found that one of the cabinets worked very well for holding the baby blankets, afghans and quilts that have been made by loving hands, and donated. A set of drawers was put to good use holding more crib quilts and some fleece blankets that were made by a church group. A scout troop had made some wonderful fleece throw blankets for children and some of those are on a shelf for ready access while others are vacuum packed in space bags for the future.

Sheets were placed in drawers, and with some creative folding and stacking we were able to free up several shelves and two dressers.


Everything was labeled so that items are easy to locate and replace as needed.


The outpouring of generosity from the community is such a blessing to all of us, and we hope that in creating a more organized storage space, future blessings can be easily accessed and provided to those that need a snuggly blanket, a comfy bed, and a peaceful rest.


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