World Ark – "What a Waste"

World Arc a magazine published by Heifer International included information in their ‘Facts and Figures’ section of the Holiday 2011 issue regarding the amount of food we waste.  It was truly amazing.  You can view the magazine through this link

I think purchasing our food locally and paying a more realistic price for our food has definitely made my family appreciate what we eat a bit more.  It did pain me today to throw out a substantial amount of soup that I made and then left on the stove, forgotten, as the day progressed.  But throwing out wasted food is not the norm in our house.  We try to put the right amount of food on our children’s plates.  But still that is probably our biggest area of waste.  EPA estimates that in the US 40% of food gets thrown away and that worldwide 1/3 of the food produced is never eaten.  These figures truly amaze me in light of the fact that hunger and starvation exist.  We are certainly doing SOMETHING wrong. I only wish enough people knew the answer to fixing it that it might actually happen.

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