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Spring is well upon us now and with all the warm weather we have been having the blossoms are out, plants are sprouting through the earth and fresh food is just around the corner. But, where are you supposed to find it? I can tell you about several farms local to Harford County, Maryland but if you are looking for something closer to your neck of the woods there are several websites to check out. The first place I look for farm information is localharvest.org. On this website you can search nationwide for farms in your area by the specific things you are looking for. The drawback is that not every farm is listed. This is the problem with all of the sites, none are comprehensive. If you are in Maryland you can also try MarylandsBest.net and in Harford County HarfordFarms.com. One more website to check out for additional information, links, recipes, etc is BelAirFarmersMarket.com.

There are other ways to find the local source for your foods. Just driving down the road you may catch a farm stand or sign. Try doing a Google search for local foods in your area. Check out your state and county department of agriculture. Talk to friends and see where they shop. Even Facebook has listings for local farming groups. Post your finds here and share what you have found. I have a list on the right hand side of this page for my favorite farms.

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