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In January we placed an order for a quarter of a cow with Sunny Hill Farm. I have gotten some strange looks and comments for this. It is easier for people to pick up meat at a grocery store where the meat comes in neat little cellophane packages and no resemblance to an actual animal. Don’t get me wrong, I am not likely to be out hunting anytime soon but it is reassuring to know where my meat comes from. I have actually seen the cattle at Sunny Hill and they look good. They wonder the pasture and are relatively clean. They are healthy looking animals that have had a good life and been cared for. Obviously animals are harmed in the making of my dinner but oddly enough, they did not suffer. I don’t take lightly that an animal had to die for me to eat but I also know that they same animal would have never lived nor lived such a good and healthy life if I didn’t eat meat.

My most recent order, as of yesterday, was half a pig from Rumbleway Farm in Cecil County. It will be ready in May. The cost will be $250 for just under ~75 lb of meat in various cuts. Pigs are animals that are highly intelligent and so the suffering that they withstand in traditional factory farms seems so much worse to me. It is interesting that you must treat animals humanely, unless you plan to eat them in which case you can perform a whole range of painful and awful things without anyone batting an eye. But, Rumbleway is a grass farm committed to raising animals in a healthy, sustainable way. It is nice to know where my food comes from even if it does mean looking it right in the face.

Just a note, Rumbleway also raises pastured poultry that is available starting April 23 and every other Friday after 3pm through the summer. We’ll talk chickens another day.

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