What Every Business Needs to Know Right Now About Money Blocks

What do businesses need to know right now about Money Blocks?

Sensei Victoria Whitfield has toured the world, showing heart-centered and growth-minded leaders how to get connected to their natural intuition and truly be visionary so they can work less and increase their impact, which as visionary healers, is so important. The big question is, how does this apply to me? What do I need strategic meditation for in the corporate world?

What is the number one thing holding businesses back from the growth that they desire?

“The one thing that we need the most right now as leaders, to really take our vision and business to the next level is: energy awareness. We can get stagnant and begin to plateau at levels of growth and development, forward momentum plateaus and slows the movement of the business. You can be doing all the right things: doing what the consultants do, following the protocols that you’ve set up before, working as best you could, but the plateau keeps coming. There’s a certain point where it becomes more of an energetic issue, rather than just a systems issue.”

“What do I mean by energy? Answering this question is especially important – defining the word “energy” for leaders who may not be familiar with “woo-woo” talk.”

What is the definition of ‘woo-woo,’ and how does it apply in the corporate world?

This is softer skills management. It has to do with emotional intelligence: not just IQ, but we’re talking about EQ as well – measuring the level of relatability in leadership, morale in organizations as well as employee wellness. When you’re looking at improving your corporation’s wellness and human resources programs, the types of programs that can take things to the right next level are often a little bit out of the box. They could come from different and divergent cultures, such as Eastern medicine and philosophies. But these programs are better suited to help maintain your team’s health and well being outside of just a medical context. It is not just about keeping you and your employees off the operating table, but instead it’s about how you can live life feeling well, working well, and getting better and better over time. To a Western mindset, it can be classified as ‘woo-woo’, other cultural practices for health and wellbeing. But I just want to take that ‘woo-woo’ word and smash it on the floor, like the brittle glass box that it is, and let it go.

This stuff is extremely relevant to the business environment. The research you’ve done and the work you’ve done with your clients has enabled you to help them break free from a lot of the fears, the “blockages” that have held them back through the strategic meditation and other methodologies that you use.

What methodology allows a business to tap into their energy and natural intuition?

Strategic meditation is meditation done with purpose, within a professional context. The reason why we do that is to manage the force behind action, the force behind focus, and that force is: energy. Yes, you may know exactly what needs to get done. But if you’re feeling drained and exhausted, not just on a physical level of exhaustion, but also emotionally exhausted, unable to move past this obstacle here or there, then that can end up being an energetic issue. Being able to bring meditation in during strategic points in the growth and momentum of a given organization can help open up what may be a roadblock and turn it into a springboard for new growth.

Many businesses are looking at the way they’ve done things in the past and what’s happening now and thinking: I’m worried about the world, I’m worried about my business, I’m worried about my clients, I’m worried about my employees. Energetically, if we’re speaking that way, there’s this disconnect. What should a business do?

A business can absolutely manifest a momentum or money block for sure through this type of thinking. “I’m worried. I’m worried. I’m worried” places your focus – and your force behind your action – on to generating more worry, rather than generating solutions.

This is okay. It’s normal, natural; we’re not trying to completely discount “worry” itself. However, it can drain your creative and productive energy. It’s at this very point that you can bring in meditation, strategically. In the work that I do, we set up structures to make sure that you’re bringing in meditation at the times that we’ve seen tend to create the most energetic blockage in organizations. You can tell that the energy of that organization is either low or stagnant because the sales are stagnating. The opt-ins or the conversions are stagnating. In turn, if you meditate in a certain way, you can restore or even reset your energy, and then go to the issue having your thumb on the pulse of your people – feeling that connection to: Yes, we’re clicked in. We understand each other. We’re flowing, we’re progressing.

But if there’s a disconnect, in a way that you can’t exactly explain – such as, when the numbers should be working, given all of what is being done – then it could be more of an energetic block, and the money will reflect that. This in fact is why I’m so grateful to work with entrepreneurs and business owners: because we can look at the money and see how it is responding to their energetic work.

Using strategic meditation to tap into your natural intuition, tap into deeper knowing and understanding, and then using that to do the strategic planning is a magic formula.

3 Action Steps

  1. Become energy aware. Notice what you are putting out into the world and what you are attracting back to you.
  2. Be open to new ways of solving the problems in your business.
  3. Learn strategic meditation to apply it to your business.

Be sure to connect with Victoria Whitfield on LinkedIn or contact her for a 1-1 conversation to discern the problem in your organization or in your business’s growth and how to integrate strategic meditation to ensure the problem is converted into your springboard.

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