What Every Business Needs to Know Right Now About Law of Attraction & Marketing

What are you finding that businesses need to know right now about what you’ve learned?

There are two pieces.

The first thing from the book is to understand that entrepreneurs know that there are certain things that they need to do in their business, but they don’t. And my fastest way to explain this, and this is how I put it in the book, is this happens for the same reason people struggle with lifting weights or going to the gym, or law of attraction methods, or whatever else.

We’ve got three minds. We’ve got the conscious mind, the subconscious – and right smack dab in the middle we’ve got the ego. And the ego only has one job, and that’s to keep you alive, which means, for better or worse, your ego loves you. But whatever money problems you’re having, whatever relationship problems, or even whatever health problems, your ego knows you’re live right now. So, it will resist when you try to reach a better station of life.

And the answer to that, at least from a law of attraction perspective, is going in and bypassing the ego to the subconscious mind, which is way stronger. You can do this through gratitude methods and literally thinking good thoughts and feeling good feelings – because that will make your ego feel safe. In turn, you will find yourself taking faster action.

However, I snuck that in! What I really want people to know in terms of business is the understanding that even when you are doing good for your customers, you’re doing well for them – that there are endless deeper, more dynamic, more multi-level ways to provide value. And when you think about doing that, and you find ways of doing that, you will be rewarded in the best way. Because the more value you give, the more value you receive – so, it becomes this wonderful feedback system.

For example, I’m trying not to humble-brag, but I’ve got many five-star rave reviews. That was not accidental in the sense that I didn’t want this just to be a book that I sold. I wanted it to be a book that’s read and used. So, therefore, I was very intentional about making this book from page one to page 208 a user-friendly, easy-to-read journey so that they can get through the content and they can experience a paradigm shift – and they can use it and be happy. And through that, I’ve given them the value, but they’re also way more excited about sharing it with their friends who might be interested in it also.

On top of that, for stacking value, when they sign up for my bonuses, they get email after email, after email of just stuff that’s in support of that – designed to make them feel good and have an easier time using the content. And again, because of that, they review the book, tell their friends, buy extra copies, and all these other things. So, they’re winning, and I’m winning, everybody’s winning.

“Many business owners are encouraged to write a book that acts as a business card. Often, in these books, page one acknowledges the fact that no one’s ever going to get through the book, and you quickly tell everything you know right up front and get them to buy into whatever you are offering in the book. But, designing a book such that people would want to continue reading and implement what you were saying – and they’d want to interact and engage with you is the way to go. It allows you and them to fully share your expertise with other people.”

But just to speak to what you were saying here, you can do both; you can have a business card that draws people in and a book that they enjoy. If that book is going to be your business card, why not take them down the rabbit hole of your value? Why not get them here?

They are in a place where they’re perfectly willing to sit down and read pages that hopefully are interesting and engaging enough – and useful enough – that they’ll keep going down.

Give them the time to really sink in and learn more about you over the long haul through 100 or 200 pages, rather than having a so-so book, where the first ten pages, you throw everything you can at them without letting them go down that progression of value. Because in the end, I know a lot of people want long-term customers. Why not condition yourself or reinforce that by implementing that value and energy into the book you give them?

And yes, I do admit that I’ve had experience as a copywriter that I intentionally infused in this, hopefully, a successful attempt, to make this unlike any other law of attraction book that anyone’s ever read before.

A quick little note to speak to the value again. When people write to me, unlike most authors, readers will get a response directly from me that will address their questions about the content I publish.

Can entrepreneurs benefit from the Law of Attraction even if they don’t believe in it?

I liken it to lifting weights to get muscles. Everyone can relate to lifting weights to get muscles -even though it’s a very simplified term. And I’ll give you two possible explanations as to how this works.

Either you lift weights, you go to sleep, and the muscle fairy comes at night and waves a magic wand. Poof, you’ve got muscles! Or when you’re lifting weights, you’re putting so much stress on your body that the muscles literally tear. And then what happens is your body responds by healing and by filling in those gaps with missing muscle – with more muscle fiber.

Now most people say, Andrew, it’s the second explanation. And I’d say it doesn’t matter. What matters is you put in X; you get Y. You lift weights; you get muscles. And by that same token, whether or not you believe in the law of attraction, if you just engage in five minutes a day of gratitude, you may be pleasantly surprised. And if I’m wrong about that, you at least took five minutes out of the day where you’re thinking positive, rather than worrying about anything else in that moment.

“I have the same belief. For example, when it comes to productivity, there are many different ways to create productivity in your business. And it really doesn’t matter which way you use to do it because the end result will be the same – whether you have a logical process, a spiritual process, or an intuitive process – it all ends up in the same place.”

Can you share a gratitude practice that anyone could try?

I do this every single day. I pull up my phone, and I leave a recorded message of all the things that I’m grateful for today. And I send it to my friend across the country. And he does the same thing for me.

So we’ve installed a social pressure to keep ourselves accountable while simultaneously giving ourselves the opportunity to feel good every single day, expressing that gratitude.

And we’ve been doing this for four years. He’s seen me become a best-seller in this time. I’ve seen him make tremendous leaps. It’s powerful. It’s worth it. Try it; you will not regret it.

3 Action Steps

1.Use gratitude to bypass the ego and go to your subconscious, which is infinitely stronger.
2.Recognize that the more value you give, the more value you will receive.
3.Engage in gratitude every day.

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