What Every Business Needs to Know Right Now About Energy Flow

What is one thing business owners can do to work smarter, not harder?

I’d say the most important thing you can do is declutter your desk and office each night before you go to bed or before you close down the office for the day – whatever time it is.

There are studies that show that if you declutter your desk, it raises your brainwaves from beta to alpha. Alpha is power. So, if you have a clean desk and beautiful surroundings, you have a very good flow. In three seconds, you can raise your brainwaves to alpha. So that’s pretty important. You want to stay focused on your goals.

“So often, at the end of the day, if you’re tired, you just get up from your desk, and everything from that day is still left on it. But what if you cleared it off? How would your morning start the next day?”

What is one Feng Shui tip business owners should keep in mind when setting up their home or business for abundance?

You want to situate yourself so that you’re sitting facing the door and you’re facing one of your good directions. Facing where the energy is coming in will bring you more abundance.

There are stories of writers, and they wanted to find inspiration, but they were facing outside and looking out the window. And, as beautiful as that is, changing the direction they were facing brought them inspiration.

A very famous person made this change, and now he’s a prolific writer and has written quite a few bestselling books. But it wasn’t happening before – so it’s very effective.

“A change in perspective is good for everyone – even if it’s something as simple as changing the direction your desk and chair are facing.”

What is one thing to be careful of when setting up an office for more success & abundance?

One of them is the placement of mirrors. That’s a very important thing to be aware of. If you have a mirror on the side and you’re looking at yourself while working, you will double the work that you have to do. And you will do this because it’s telling the universe that there are two people there, so you’ll get the work of two people.

But you won’t have enough energy to do all of that because there’s only one of you. So, it’s not a good idea to have a mirror reflecting you. At least not so you can see it. There are other angles that might work. That’s something to be careful of.

There’s also something that is perhaps not as well known. And that is, there is some negative energy flow that comes into areas of the world every year. And they’re very nasty. For example, one is called the “disaster star” – and it was in the east, which was the cause of this pandemic. I won’t say it was the cause, but the energy was there. The potential was there for something worldwide to happen on a disastrous level.

There are things that we can do in our homes to help. I’m just going to share one of them, and that is to put a lush, green plant in the east to protect your family from getting sick, in addition to normal precautions. That green plant is symbolic of healing. And having green in that particular area is particularly important this year.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can put an artificial plant. An artificial plant will work, but the energy is stronger in a live plant. A large plant or a small tree is what’s recommended – even something like a money tree. You want something so green as it’s the color that’s doing it for you. But since it’s healthy energy, I would suggest living.

3 Action Steps

  1. End your day by decluttering your desk so you start fresh each morning.
  2. Set up your office so that you and your desk are facing the door so that energy can come in and bring you abundance.
  3. Place a large green plant in the east to protect your health.

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