What Do Businesses Need to Know Right Now About Using Video?

Are there any businesses nowadays that aren’t using video in some way, shape, or form to reach out to their clients and customers or stay connected with their employees? Probably not. Video seems to be the go-to medium. And it has so many applications that it’s truly not surprising.

Brighton West is a videographer. He works with professional coaches to create videos they can use to market what they do and spread their message – and it’s all done virtually – using webcams and smartphones. It only makes sense that he’s here to share what businesses need to know right now about using video.

What kinds of tools or resources do people need in order to be doing videos?

Right now, everyone is making a shift – and we’re making it together. And currently, people crave connection more than anything. Videos are really the only way we have to make this connection.

I always used to recommend the Logitech C920 or C922 webcams. But they’re currently unavailable. And really, is the camera the important thing? No…you just need to get on camera. You just need to go for it. And you need to say, “Whatever happens, happens.”

You might start to piece together equipment as you go along, but don’t let a lack of equipment stop you from making video happen.

“Going on camera for the first time can be nerve-racking, but sometimes you just need to jump in with both feet and make it happen. Embrace the imperfect!”

How important is it to show up on video, and what should you be saying?

It’s definitely important that you are showing up on video right now.

While Zoom burnout is a real thing, you still need to be using video to create a connection.

Don’t worry about being super polished – just say what is authentic to you right now. We need to have relaxed conversations. You need people to feel like you’re a friendly voice – which is probably even more important than having amazing content.

People really want to connect with people.

And remember, it’s easier to be on camera all day long when it feels more natural. This may mean having a setup at home that allows you to see who you are talking with, along with seeing how you look at the moment.

“When you’re doing a video, remember that the human connection you are trying to make outweighs being perfectly polished while speaking or presenting amazing content. People want to see you and FEEL you. If you stumble over your words or have tech issues, don’t worry. We’ve all had those things happen – and they make you very relatable.”

How can you create that connection when you’re doing a video?

When you’re on camera, you need to look into the camera lens for the other person to feel like you’re connecting with them. If you’re looking down at them on the screen, it looks like you’re not connecting. But if you can be that person who shows up and looks them in the eye – that’s so much better. The connection will be there.

It can be exhausting to know where to look during a video conversation. Do I look at the person I’m talking with? Do I look at the green light?

If you can create a setup that allows you to look at people in the eye – you’ll find that sense of connection improves drastically.

Currently, I use a teleprompter app (which is typically used to scroll text in front of the screen) to project the image that’s in front of the camera. I can now easily see who I’m speaking with and myself – and it’s not weird or awkward. (This setup does require an external webcam.) If you don’t have a setup like this, you may find it easier to do a video on a cell phone.

“Remember those in-person conversations we used to have regularly? And how you always looked someone in the eyes to show that you were engaged and listening? The same goes for video. Look the person in the eyes as much as possible – it will make them feel valued and connected.”

3 Action Steps

  1. Start connecting with people using video – even if you’re nervous or not sure what to say.
  2. Be authentic on camera. You can create a connection by being a friendly voice in a sea of noise.
  3. Create connections with people by looking them in the eye – just like you would with an in-person conversation..

Be sure to connect with Brighton West at brighton@brightonwestvideo.com for a free 30-minute session with him.

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