What Businesses Need to Know About Storytelling

“Stories Sell” – I’m sure you’ve heard that advice. Storytelling is the latest trend in marketing right now, and for good reason. Storytelling allows your ideal clients to get to know more about you, your expertise, and your business in a very relatable way… and we all know that people do business with those they know like and trust, right?

Joey Held from Ink Communications joined me for an interview where he shares his advice on how to use Storytelling to build your credibility and get more clients and customers for your business…

Joey shared some really great advice for how to share your message through storytelling. Some of the things we discussed include:

  • What makes storytelling so powerful
  • What every story should include
  • How to bridge storytelling into generating more money in your business
  • How to hone your message effectively
  • How businesses can use podcasting to promote their products and services

Find out more in our 10-minute conversation right here.

You can find the entire series of interviews on YouTube in this playlist. There are some amazing resources! Each interview is less than 15 minutes long so it is easy to fit them into your day.

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