Week 5 Meal Plan

So, we are halfway through the week.  I’ve been enjoying the meals I planned but I haven’t had a chance, until no, to post them here.  Many of these I modified, I am getting the hang of things and making this new way of eating our own.

We are eating lots of snacks including fresh fruit, raw nuts, energy balls, power balls, hummus, carrot sticks, etc.


     breakfast: Rip’s Big Bowl
     dinner: Stir Fry Brocoli w/ Peanut Sauce & Brown Rice and a side of mashed sweet potatoes


     breakfast: Peanut butter oatmeal *My Recipe
     dinner: Black Bean Burritos with Avocado & Kale * My Recipe


     breakfast: Rip’s Big Bowl
     dinner: Spinach Soup with corn muffins (I omitted the sugar & swapped the oil for applesauce)


     breakfast: oatmeal bars & green shakes
     dinner: Curried Rice Salad over kale (from Forks Over Knives cookbook and modified by me)


     breakfast: Rip’s Big Bowl
     dinner: Vegan Chili


     breakfast: Rice Pudding (from Forks Over Knives cookbook)
     dinner: Chopped Salad

     breakfast: Scramble w/ Corn Tortillas and Black Beans
     dinner: Veggie Burgers

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