I picked up my first turkey of the season from Sunny Hill Farm on Sunday along with sweet potatoes, cheese, honey, butternut squash and a few other things.  I am mourning the end of the season with very little opportunity, because of our kitchen remodel, to preserve food for the winter.  I did manage applesauce and a batch of of salsa along with freezing some of the extras that we received.  Sometimes you just have to rely on the grocery store.  Thankfully, some of the farm markets are open into the winter.  You just have to know where to go!

My second turkey, a heritage breed, I purchased from Rumbleway tonight.  While not quite as big as my 25lb bird from Sunny Hill it did come in at 19 lbs.  Not bad at all.  This turkey will grace our Thanksgiving table on Thursday.  I love that it will not only provide for the meal at hand but plenty of additional meat, a large batch of stock and of course a wish bone for the kids.

I try to keep my Thanksgiving choices as local as possible.  It seems appropriate to honor and value those people in our community that sustain us.  However, I also deeply appreciate a meal prepared by and enjoyed by all the guests attending and feel it is inappropriate to set restrictions on what each individual offers to bring.   So for the most part, I will be setting out local Harford County fare and will anticipate with mouth watering suspense the delicious things my guests have prepared. 

Wishing all a wonderful, thankful day on Thursday.

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