Traveling South and What’s in Season

We just returned from a trip to the south for a family reunion. We bagged up our weekly share of veggies, cheese and fruit and took it with us. But, I was happy to pick up a few local things while in the area: boiled peanuts, peaches, bbq chicken and pulled pork, coleslaw, etc. It is fun to try foods that regions are known for. I am not sure how locally produced they were but you know this trip was all about eating what was available, period.

I have been slowly working my way through the book, Just Food: Where Locavores Get It Wrong and How We Can Truly Eat Responsibly. It has proven to be an interesting read and while I do not agree with everything that the author says and especially with how he says it. Mr. McWilliams does bring up some interesting points worth looking into. That will have to be a teaser for now until I can write my full review of the book.

Lastly, sour cherries are in season and available pick your own from Spring Valley Farm in Conowingo and Lohrs Orchard. Call or check the website for picking information. (Links in the right hand column of this page under favorite farms). Also, Spring Valley has some blueberries and will have a larger crop next week. Everything is very early this year so don’t wait if you are thinking of checking if something is in season.

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