To the Test

Today was the first real opportunity for the decision my family has made to change our food choices to be put to the test.  For several weeks now my husband and I have been discussing the decision to put into action throughout our lives the choices we have made about the food we eat at home.

At home we eat only meats that were grass fed, pastured and raised locally and ethically.  We do our best to choose meats that were not fed corn unless that is their preferred diet.  That means our chickens forage, our cows eat grass and our pigs do not live in a building with hundreds of other pigs suffering.   At home, our fruit, veggies and honey comes from the farms in our local area.  We eat very little processed food and our milk comes in glass bottles only 15 miles from our home.  It is a great way to eat.

But prior to a few weeks ago, we still ate meat while we were out.  Meat that did not follow our food rules and relied on the corn industry that we are opposed to.  So, while field corn is withering across the mid west we have made the decision to align our true selves with our eating out selves.  We are going vegetarian unless we know our meat.

So, today was the first time we ate out that didn’t involve a cheese pizza 🙂  I love Panera and when my favorite local places are not available, I often choose it next.  I understand that I could ask for most items without the meat but I was surprised to find very few vegetarian options.  I had the tomato soup and mac & cheese.  My husband, eating out at a separate restaurant 60 miles away, also chose vegetarian.  It was hard.  But I am so proud of the choices we have made.

I know that over the next twelve months it will be difficult to explain these choices to friends and family.  Especially, those who know us as carnivores.  And certainly meat is not off the table at home.  Additionally, we are not looking to offend anyone with our choice.  But, I think once we bridge that 1 year mark we will know how to do it.

Until then, many of my tried and true ‘go to’ fast dinner options – like keilbasa, lunch meats or  Chik-Fil-A are no longer options and meals will involve more planning to get used to these new rules, but I think we can get the hang of it.  I know we are in good company with other Locavores out there.

Until next time, eat well!

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