Time to Change Your Perspective

With everything happening in the world today, we’ve all been reminded of how important it is to take some time to re-evaluate things and look at them from a different perspective.

I get this reminder often from the most amazing source… my daughter.

You see, my daughter has anxiety. One of the things that helps her is for us to work on ‘black and white thinking.’ You see examples of black and white thinking all over right now… things are either 100% or 0%… good or bad… pass or fail… win or lose… us or them.

The problem with black and white thinking is that life rarely fits neatly into those two boxes. There are multiple sides, stories, angles, perspectives, experiences, options, and choices that beautifully color our world.

Every day my daughter and I work to challenge our black and white thinking. We have conversations about, “what else could be true?

I’m proud to say she has become a star at unraveling this thinking and I have learned a lot from her as I help her through the process. Now that I am more aware of this “thinking trap,” I guard myself now against it (although I’m human so I do often make mistakes!).

How often do you find yourself stuck in a mindset that only gives you 2 options? Where you can either win or lose with no middle ground?

You may think the ‘middle ground’ is a compromise. That you have to make concessions in order to solve the problem before you. The issue here is that in compromise you may end up with a half solution that no one loves.

Instead, what if you held a new belief entirely. Not only 2 options but always an infinite number of options. How might that look?

This happens often with business owners. We are so wrapped up in our businesses, and so close to the problems and challenges, that we often get stuck thinking that we have limited options available to us.

That is almost never the case… but it can be hard to see it on your own.

Getting a fresh perspective from someone else can change everything and unlock new resources, ideas, and connections that you were completely unaware of before (even if they were right under your nose! They might ask the right question or give the perfect nudge to help you see “what else could be true” about the problem you are faced with.

It’s often these small shifts in perspective and focus that lead to the biggest changes.

I see it all the time in my 90-Day Productive Profits Intensive. My clients see major shifts happen in their businesses in a span of 3 months. They are accomplishing goals they thought would take all year to accomplish, and they are knocking them out of the park in 90 days.

Take Sonya for example… she had her first (but certainly not last!) $37,000 month during our time together! Fantastic, right? But that’s not the full story… you see Sonya got those amazing results while working even less than she normally did.

Not only did she have record breaking revenue, but she got her life back in the process. How awesome is that?

I’m getting ready to start a new round of the 90-Day Productive Profits Intensive and there are only a few seats available. If you are ready to add another $100,000 to your bottom line this year, and you’d like to know more about the Productive Profits Intensive, hit reply and let’s chat.

I’ll be happy to share some info about the program with you, and if it sounds intriguing, we can hop on the phone and chat a bit more about it.

Sound good?

PS – Isn’t this image cool? It was taken as my daughter ‘climbed’ up a fallen tree, one that was laying parallel to the ground, how many new perspectives exist here?

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