Three days in

We are 3 days in to our ‘plant based, whole foods’ lifestyle change.  I have been surprised by several things.  First, the children are actually receptive to the change.  We have told them nothing at all about it.  But, they have been eating and enjoying the meals I have prepared and snacks.  They were especially excited today when I made tortilla chips and the desserts have been a huge hit.  None of these items contained any added sugars, fats or dairy.

Second, I have noticed fewer of my own cravings.  The breakfast I crafted this morning, “Rip’s Big Bowl“, was a devoured by everyone and there were no requests for the cereal we typically have.  I wasn’t even hungry until lunch time.  I usually need several snacks between breakfast and lunch to get me there.  I love that you can eat as much as fills you up.  My sweet husband commented that he is going to need to learn to listen to his body telling him when he is full and hungry as it feels different and the portions are larger.  The kids, too, are asking for less food in between meals and amazingly enough Little E hasn’t gone diving for the cheese in the fridge yet. That is usually a daily occurrence.

Third, the food I have made so far has been absolutely delicious.  The Lentil Coconut Soup from last night was so good we all remarked on it’s tastiness 🙂  The post just prior to this has the meal plan that I came up with for the whole week.  I linked most of the recipes to it so you could follow along, too.

I was worried we’d never get through the next eight weeks but I don’t think it is going to be a problem now.  We watched the extended interviews on Forks Over Knives today.  The documentary clarified a few questions that I had.  I have also been reading extensively.  Trying to wrap my head around a new way of eating, cooking and planning for meal.  We have eaten A LOT of bananas recently but that may change as I figure out recipes and plan differently.

I hope you will join me and post your comments, too!

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