The foods that are widely available today provide the calories that may sustain us but these foods do not nourish us. I am finding that I am approaching food with an near religious devotion. There are so many philosophical, ethical, evironmental and other issues to consider before we even get to the taste and texture departments. I am reminded of the biblical concept that we are God’s stewards of the earth. I need to look up this passage but I am sure to my bones that being a good steward does not involve excess and convenience to the detriment of those around us or our own bodies.

In the garden, my spinach, mesclun and onions are all sprouting. I hope that they continue!

Sunny Hill Farm is now open 10-6pm and is taking orders for 1/4 and 1/2 sides of beef. Brad’s Produce opens April 14. Bring on the food!

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