The Great Diaper Debate

So, my thoughts on the great diaper debate (cloth vs. disposable) are as follows. I do use disposable diapers on occasion. Probably 1-5 per week. Usually I use them when I am washing the cloth diapers or when we are going to be out all day. Otherwise I use cloth. I have a mix of diapers and I use whichever suits the purpose. But the greenest way I have found to diaper the kids is no diaper at all… ok so I don’t usually go diaper free. (there is a website But, I am doing for Mira what I did for Joshie and that is watching her ‘signals’ I take her to pee now after waking up. She usually goes within 5 min of waking so I can easily catch her then and I am just now noticing that she arches her back when she has to pee so that is a sign. I make a sound when she goes ‘psss’ and tell her ‘good job’ if she does it when I make the sound. For Joshie, this meant that he was mostly potty trained by 18 months and we had reduced the amount of diapers we were using by about half prior to that. Now at 2.5 he is almost completely potty trained. We even have dry naps and nights now. Given that a lot of boys these days take a LONG time to be trained. I think this is pretty good! Mira seems to be responding well to the potty and I have a feeling she will be trained even sooner. (She is currently rolling on the floor next to be chewing on her toes).

I am a big fan of early potty training as a way to better communicate with your child, save money, save the planet and make a lot of hilarious memories in the meantime!

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