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March Moves In

March 2011

March is here! That transitional month between winter and spring. March is a month of action. The Earth prepares for another season of growth, and this month, as it comes “in like a lion out like a lamb” we get a taste of nature’s own order. Nature knows what is needed and what needs to […]

Snow Solutions

berries long

It’s truly the season of winter! The cold has settled in and the snow, ice and wind have become a part of life for a couple of months. It is a season of fun for the kids. Snow days spent outside sledding and building snowmen and forts, add a change of tempo to the usual […]

Transition to Summer

summer sailing

The year has ended or is ending for most of us. Whether we are in school, have kids in school, or teach, this is the time of year when we are wrapping things up for another year and looking forward to the pool, picnics, vacations, and cookouts. I know there are always things I plan […]



Mother’s Day is nearly here. Moms play a big role on our lives and shaping who we are. How much has your mother influenced how you keep your home? Do you save things just like she did? Do you leave things a mess because she made you clean your room all the time?  Do you […]