March Moves In

March 2011March is here! That transitional month between winter and spring.

March is a month of action. The Earth prepares for another season of growth, and this month, as it comes “in like a lion out like a lamb” we get a taste of nature’s own order.

Nature knows what is needed and what needs to be shed, and it’s cycle of productivity can be a great lesson to us.
For example, we look at the trees. Every Fall the trees shed their leaves. It is a beautiful show, but it is also a necessary part of the tree’s life cycle. The trees can’t hold onto their leaves year after year, because the new leaves are needed. The old must be dropped to the ground to make room for the new, and in their own way the old leaves do good for the soil.

Over the winter and early spring, heavy snows and winds cause the dead wood to be broken off and cleared from the treetops so that the new, productive sprouts and buds can form.

We can learn to clear out our own “dead wood” and shed the clutter that is keeping us from being positive and productive. We can wake up to the light and sunshine of Spring and find that restless lion inside as we pace around our overfilled homes.

Use the feelings of restlessness and invigoration that come with Spring. Open the windows, let in the fresh air and open up the space inside as well.
Welcome the new season as a chance to clear out the things that have been a burden and make room for the things that make life truly enjoyable.

Set a goal to make a significant change in your habits as you work this month. Be like the tree, make shedding the old stuff a habit, so that you can welcome the new!

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