Spinach Frittata and Potato Salad

I love when I can pull together a mostly local, seasonal meal and tonight was the night. There were a few ingredients that did not come from Harford County but they were the exception. Tonight we had Spinach Frittata and Potato Salad. The Spinach Frittata recipe came from simplyrecipes.com. Even though the kids didn’t devour every last bite, they also did not turn their noses up at it. The eggs were from Andy’s Eggs (purchased at Broom’s Bloom), milk from Brooms Bloom and the peas from Brads last year and frozen.

In addition I whipped up the spring potato salad recipe that is found in the book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life [ANIMAL VEGETABLE MIRACLE] and also online at animalvegetablemiracle.com. It included potatoes and peas from Brad’s Produce and mint from my own garden. The flavors in both were fresh and the meal was simple and satisfying. Another night of hunger avoided thanks to good food and the time and resources necessary to put it on the table. Amen!

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