Small Steps – The Value of 15-Minute Tasks

Here’s a question for you: How productive are you?

I know, I know…if you’re like most people, your answer is: It depends on the day.

I get that.

You create that to-do list or check your planner or project management tool, and some days you’re ready to tackle it all. Other days, it looks like there’s not enough time in the day – and you wonder if you can get anything done at all.

When talking with CEOs and entrepreneurs, they tell me this is when they start to feel overwhelmed by it ALL!

Leading to a growing to-do list and a lack of action on your part.

Can you relate? Have you been there?

And we all know that inaction = lack of growth – which is not what you want.

But what if I told you that small steps win the race? And what if I said that you could get a lot accomplished in just 15 minutes? Would you believe me?

Take a look at your to-do list? What tasks can you do in 15-minutes?

Are you saying, “15 minutes?! There’s nothing I can do in 15 minutes!”?

Well, I’m saying there is!

You can:

· Respond to emails

· Reconnect with your vision

· Reach out to a lead

· Connect with a colleague

· Share a social media post

· Write down what you’ve accomplished this week

· Practice your pitch

· Ask a client for a testimonial

· Do some research

· Congratulate someone on their accomplishments

· Pay bills

· Meditate

· Proofread your latest blog or email

· Set three goals for next week

· Prioritize your to-do list

· Celebrate a job well done

· Take a break

· Clear your desk of clutter

· Outsource some tasks on your list

See what I mean? I could go on and on, but 15 minutes is more than enough time to do many tasks!

And when you divide your day into 15-minute increments, you’ll find that your to-do list doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Instead, these chunks of time make things manageable and will increase your productivity – and help you and your business move forward.

This week, why not look at those things you need to get done in 15-minute chunks of time – and let me know what happens to your productivity!

Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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