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upperbayI attended the Dreams to ACTION event representing Upper Bay Counseling & Support Services.  I was immediately aware of  the fact that both Sappari Solutions and Upper Bay Counseling have similar “visions” to offer  which  provide our community members support, improved health and functioning and insight.  We recognize and value each other’s strengths and abilities, even though our professional training techniques are different.  It was a pleasure to receive another professional’s gifts, skills and techniques through the workshop. We were welcomed and recognized.

I was looking at the event from a mental health standpoint.  I went into it with the excitement that there is someone else that has knowledge and experience to share.  Another professional, who sees that their skills can be an “entry point”  into connecting with and, impacting overall life health/well being.  It was refreshing to see that health, mental health and relationships were not excluded from the conversation and that these pieces do impact each other.

There was great diversity in the people that attended from corporate executives to college students, men, women, small-business owners.  All were welcomed.  The information was easy to access regardless of education or income level.  Rarely do adults get afforded the opportunity to be offered an environment without contingencies: judgments, punishment, etc.  but, simply “ a place to learn”.  Throughout the workshop, our table interacted: we challenged one another, took healthy risks, questioned and reviewed. We were part of creating something for ourselves and with each other. 

The information presented in Dreams to ACTION begs to be shared.  We, human beings, can make healthy choices that impact us individually.  Those choices can continue to be shared and influence others while impacting our own relationships.  The information allowed me to look beyond the “current” schedule in my head and find time to think about and plan for future goals and projects.    I felt rejuvenated.

I felt re-energized.  There was a real sense of collegiately.  Helping people find he most optimal place to live life and, to assist them in that journey is an honor and a privilege.  The workshop was reality based but there was a challenge, a ‘what about this?’ in a way that allowed us to open up, take a chance and have an, ‘ah-ha’ moment.

What changed for me?

I am very comfortable in my day-to-day circumstances referencing the materials provided and sharing the materials.   The workshop has given me the opportunity to give myself permission to “priority pile” the resource papers that I have on my desk.  I have different colors to separate my stacks.  I am easily triggered by sensory input, I find color differentiating solutions that work for me.  I am proud of it!   My efforts are now helpful to me.

Nettie engages individually and in group settings with a level of professionalism that is top notch!  The genuineness and authenticity that she offers are such gifts.  It would be easy to be intimidated by the information being shared but Nettie offers a high standard of care for one’s self and she believes in us. She is spot on.  I happily recommend her to both colleagues and to community members I work with!

–Sheila Murphy, Upper Bay Counseling & Support Services, Inc.

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