Schedule Your Time and Your Time Off?

You have been working so hard this year.

First, you had the big plans that you made in January. Then you cleared the decks so you could focus and regroup when the pandemic struck the world. The gears started moving again in early summer and spring and you were feeling the possibility that you could finish strong for the year, maybe even hit your January goals; perhaps even do better. The finish line for 2020 is absolutely in sight with just under 4 weeks left but your energy to push through may be waning.

In reality, depending on the holidays you celebrate this time of year, you probably only have about two solid weeks left. What will you do?

Here are a few options:

1. Scrap the year, grab a bowl of popcorn and binge watch tv and movies until you can start over on January 1 (appealing but perhaps not the best strategy)

2. Set a BIG crazy goal, amp yourself up for it and then collapse in a heap in 4 weeks with a sad family that missed you while you persevered, pulling all nighters trying to get this dream of yours to work.

3. Review where you wanted to be with where you actually are, look at what is possible including a realistic estimate of how much time you actually have available to work. Set a stretch goal that is not impossible and plan for time off to celebrate.

I’m going with Option 3.

In reality, it will not be any easier or harder than Options 1 & 2 but I will come out on the other side with fewer bruises and a lot more smiles. Here is how I’ll be doing it.

First, I took a look at the time I have available and the resources.

  • 4 weeks left.
  • I added in constraints that will keep me and my family feeling good: Work day is 8am-5pm, No weekends, Off completely December 23-28 with a ‘slow’ week planned December 29-January 1.
  • That leaves 12 working days between now and January 3.

Second, I look at the goal I would like to reach.

I pick 4 focus areas every month. 3 that pertain to work and 1 for personal/family. Instead of throwing these focus areas out, I align myself with them. Here they are:

  • Focus 1 – Consistently nurture my people through email and social media
  • Focus 2 – Receive applications for next Productive Profits Implementation Program starting January 11
  • Focus 3 – Deliver to existing clients
  • Focus 4 – Have a joyful Christmas Celebration

Third, for each focus area I look at the Keystone Measure™, this is the consistent step that I can take that will actually move the needle on that focus area. The step has to take 15 minutes or less and I have to be able to perform it daily.

Fourth, I use the Momentum Planner every day in just 3-5 minutes daily to envision the outcome for the month and commit to a 15 minute daily action in each of the 4 areas.

While this year has been a whirlwind and this holiday season is very different than in years past it is possible to create a joyful experience that moves your business and your life forward in the way that you most desire.

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