Reconnecting to Your Vision

Can I ask you something? When’s the last time you thought about your vision for your business? You know the dreams, goals, and aspirations you have for what you want your business to be?

In all honesty, the last time you really thought about it may have been when you first started your business. That was the time when you were putting together all of your big plans and spent time thinking about how to build a business that matched your needs and those of your clients.

And, while you most likely spend some time regularly setting and assessing goals and doing some strategic planning – what about your vision?

I know…you’ve been working day in and day out to make your business a success – and sometimes, there are just not enough hours in the day to take a moment and think about your vision.

I get it.

But it may be time to reconnect to your vision.

You may be wondering, “Why?” – especially if business is going well.

  • Reconnecting with your vision can provide you with motivation.
  • Reconnecting with your vision can help you clear out the noise and distractions.
  • Reconnecting with your vision can show you if you’re on the right path or if you’ve strayed.

You’re probably nodding along and thinking, “Yes, those are all good things, Nettie…but it still doesn’t help me when I’m really busy with the day-to-day of my business. When am I going really going to take a moment and reconnect with my vision?”

Okay…hear me out because it truly doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process.

You just need a few dedicated moments.

A lot of people recommend doing some meditation when it comes to reconnecting with your vision.

Meditation is great because it’s a time when you put your body on autopilot – and you can use a few minutes of that time reconnecting with the vision you have for your business.

Now, I know that some of you are not “meditation people” – and that’s okay. Are there some other times in your day when you spend a few minutes on autopilot and can use that time to reconnect with your vision? Maybe when you’re:

  • Going for a run?
  • Showering?
  • Walking the dog?
  • Fixing dinner?
  • Waiting to pick your child up from soccer practice?

As I said, it doesn’t need to be a huge amount of time – just a few dedicated moments.

So, this week I challenge you to take a carve out a couple of minutes and reconnect with your vision – and then let me know what you learned or what thoughts came to you! Simply reply to this email and share them with me! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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