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judy fritzJudy Fritz, what do you do?

I run a virtual assistant business called VIP Services. Our team supports entrepreneurs and small business owners who are in need of help with administrative, sales and marketing tasks and special projects.

How did you get into this profession?

I have worked in the non-profit and corporate world for many years, as well as having been the owner of a small business. I have always experienced the same thing – the need for more good help, sometimes ongoing, sometimes as-needed. I designed VIP Services to provide this assistance to my colleagues who are doing good work but need the extra help. It has grown to help not only business owners in Harford County, MD, but nationally, as well.

How does being organized help you in your work?

Organization is imperative! We support many clients and have varying tasks for each of them. Some tasks are regular and scheduled, but many come in on the fly. We need to be organized to make sure the task goes to the assistant with the best qualification to complete the job efficiently and on-time. Our clients count on us to provide the organization they need so they can stay focused on what they need to be doing.

What do you do to help your clients take control of their lives?

Being a business owner is a hard job. There are many moving pieces and it’s virtually impossible for one person to be able to handle everything with excellence. Delegating is a very important part of running a business and we provide an economical, efficient solution. When an owner has the trusted help they need, they can focus on their own list for growth or income producing activities. Or maybe even take that much-needed vacation!

Judy Fritz 2Sappari Solutions is founded on 7 Core Values, which one speaks to you?

Continuous self-improvement. In the virtual world, technology is always changing and improving. We need to stay on top of new programs and apps to be able to best serve our clients. Some of these can be very involved and take time to learn, but when you love to learn new things, it makes it easy, and it is never boring.

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