This thought came to me last night while talking to my sister and my son’s Godfather. The topic was the freshly roasted pumpkin seeds that we were eating. Earlier in the day, the children, my husband and I had carved pumpkins and saved the seeds to roast and enjoy. My sister noted that she thought pumpkin seeds had iron in them. They do in fact have iron (12% of your daily recommended value if you eat a cup of them) You can see more about the value of pumpkin seeds at this site.

But the thought that crossed my mind was that REAL food is REALLY good for you. If you choose to eat fresh, whole foods: things like seeds, fresh fruits and veggies, fresh meats, etc, then these foods have everything you need and usually not too much or too little either. You will read on processed foods’ boxes that they contain Vitamin C! Folate! Iron! Omega 3! But is is truly very easy to get these same vitamins, minerals and oils if you eat an Orange or Strawberries; whole grains; red meat, pumpkin seeds or raisins; fresh fish or walnuts. Just think how tastey these REAL foods are, how REALLY good for you they are and how you are not likely to overdose on calories, sugar or other additives if you choose the tall glass of milk over the calcium fortified Scooby Snacks.

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