Productivity Basics – Time Management

“The only way you can stay on top is to remember to touch bottom and get back to basics.” -Shane Black, Film Producer, Director, & Screenwriter.

I don’t know about you, but when things seem to get a little out of whack – whether it be with my business or at home (and by “out of whack,” I mean not heading in the direction I’d like) – I tell myself, “It’s time to get back to basics!”

Of course, oftentimes, when we reach the stage where things are a bit haywire, we spend a considerable amount of time trying to right the ship – when it would have been so much simpler to just keep the basics top of mind all along.

So…with that in mind, we’re going back to a productivity basic today with: TIME MANAGEMENT.

I saw a few of you shudder when you read those two words – which probably means you know time management has become a bit of an issue.

It’s okay.

If we’re all being 100% honest, there’s probably not one of us who has time management mastered all of the time.

But we all know how important it is to us, our family and friends, and our business.

Today let’s focus on some time management tips for you and your business – which will, in turn, help you have more time for family and friends and things that don’t revolve around your work.

  1. Set Goals – Yes, you need to know what your goals are – both big and small so you can work towards them. Without goals, you will not have focus.
  2. Prioritize – If you’re a lover of lists, then you probably take great joy in checking things off as you complete them. Of course, if you’re only checking off the easy things or things not related to your goals – what’s the point? Make sure you’re prioritizing your activities so that the most important things are getting done first – even if they’re not exactly what you want to work on at the moment.
  3. Schedule What You Need to Accomplish – You schedule meetings with clients, but do you take the time to schedule your prioritized tasks? You should! Put them on the calendar – and use that dedicated time for the task at hand.
  4. Reduce Distractions – Ah yes, distractions! They are those little purple squirrels that jump into our brains and get us off track. They may include the dog, your kids, hunger pains, or the uncontrollable urge to clean the pantry rather than respond to a dozen emails. Whatever the distractions are – work to reduce them. (You’re never going to eliminate all of them – but you can minimize them.)
  5. Do One Thing at a Time – Multitasking used to be the buzzword! We used to pride ourselves on being fantastic multitaskers. But studies have shown that multitasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Research has shown you can get more done – and done better – when you focus on a single thing at a time.
  6. Take Breaks – A break is not a distraction. It’s a time for your brain to switch gears, and it will help bring your focus back when you’re done. Take the break. Go for a walk. Weed your garden. Get the cup of coffee and check-in with a friend. It’s needed – and helpful.
  7. Say “No” When Necessary – It’s okay to say no. You can say no to new projects, or that podcast interview, or completing tasks that aren’t a priority. It’s a skill that needs to be practiced but saying no gets easier as you do it.
  8. Delegate What You Can – If there are tasks that you don’t like to do, that aren’t in your wheelhouse, or you just don’t have time for – delegate. A great VA can help you or look to see what tasks can be automated with a CRM or other tool (providing you have systems and processes in place already),

Are you ready to get back to the basics this week when it comes to time management? Which of these tips are you going to put into play? Let me know (you can reply to this email) your time management plan this week!

Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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