Productivity Basics – REST

Last week we returned to the basics of productivity with energy management – and I loved hearing from so many of you about how you manage your energy! It’s good to hear that you know the value.

Today let’s piggyback on energy management and talk about REST!

Rest is defined as: cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

What you’ll notice in this definition is that there is no mention of time. Rest can take place for five minutes or two weeks – but it does have to involve you stopping work.

If the thought of not working on your business for a period of time has you stressed, anxious, or worried – then you are most likely in need of some rest.

I probably don’t have to tell you all about the benefits of rest for an entrepreneur – everything from increased productivity and clarity, more motivation, better relationships with family and friends, improved health, increased creativity and inspiration…the list goes on and on.

You want those things for yourself, your business, and for those in your life.

Of course, as entrepreneurs, we’re accustomed to putting in the hard work with long days and strange hours…but have you ever reached a point where all that time and effort didn’t seem to be paying off as you had hoped? Did you find you were getting cranky, irritable, and feeling demotivated?

Yes, you were probably in need of rest.

So…you know the benefits, and you know you need it, but how do you go about getting it?

Like anything – it takes practice and preparation.

And here are a few steps to help you practice and get prepared.

Take Small Breaks Throughout Your Day

If you’re like a lot of entrepreneurs, being busy feels good. But if you build in breaks throughout your day, I can guarantee that you’re going to feel even better. And these aren’t huge chunks of your time! These are:

· A 15-minute walk

· Lunch at your local park without your phone

· 10 minutes spent pulling the weeks in your flower garden

· A five-minute conversation with your child about the book their reading

You get the idea – just some time to disengage your brain from your business and put your focus on something else.

Get Your Systems and Processes in Place

When you have sound systems and processes in place – and you’ve shared them with your team – then you can rest knowing that things are just as they should be. Why? Because everyone is on the same page and knows what needs to be done.

Trust Your Team

If you have a team supporting you, trust them to do the jobs you’ve hired them to do – and give them the freedom to do so. This way, when you want to take a day off – or even a week or two off – things will go smoothly, and they’ll know that you trust them to take care of the business.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Guess what? Your clients and customers will understand completely that you need rest – as long as you tell them your plans. Let them know that you’re taking some time off – and who they can get in touch with in the case of an emergency. Communication is key! (Don’t you feel like that’s said all the time – but it’s true!)

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

After you’re used to taking breaks during your workday, then why not try taking a day or two off – and see how your business does? (This is also a great way to see how your team responds and if there are any kinks in your systems and processes.) If all goes well, then it may be time to book that extended vacation so you can really relax, recover, and recuperate.

So, who’s ready for some rest? With summer here, it’s a great time to practice and prepare – and REST!

Please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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